You have to stop thinking that you’re in charge and start thinking you’re having a dance. Right? We used to think we’re smart but nobody is smarter than the Internet. A lot of people will point to some individual thing with the Internet and say ‘Oh, that’s really stupid’ but in aggregate… Um, it’s like one of the things we learned pretty early on is don’t ever try to lie to the Internet because they will catch you, they will deconstruct your spin, they will remember everything you say, y’know, for eternity.

You can see old school companies really struggle with that. They still think that they can be in control of the message because they go to press people and the press people repeat what they’re told and then five seconds later somebody is posting goats having sex with that PR person on 4Chan… And completely calling bullshit on whatever it was so, yeah, the Internet in aggregate is scary smart. The sooner people accept that and start to trust that that’s the case I think that the better they’re gonna be at interacting with it.

Valve’s Gabe Newell on The Nerdist podcast. It’s always refreshing to see content providers who understand that no amount of hubris or PR spin can survive 4Chan goat sex shoops.

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